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New Patient Reviews

Concerned With My Needs

The front office staff at The Chiropractors at Commerce were extremely friendly and answered any questions I had about the practice. I chose to see Dr. Helwig and he was very friendly and seemed to actually be concerned with my needs and the questions I had. While he only did a few adjustments on me I was glad to hear that he just wanted to see how I would respond to the adjustments and that there wouldn’t be any complications with it. I would definitely recommend the clinic to anyone looking for a chiropractor.

Ian B.

Total Peaceful Atmosphere

The first time I walked into the The Chiropractors at commerce place I just felt a total peaceful atmosphere and felt totally relaxed walking in there. The staff are just totally awesome and friendly. the chiropractors and message therapists there are nothing short from awesome I would recommend this place to anyone.

David R.